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Working on a piece titled Melancholic Spine I was sculpting each vertebra of the spine in earth clay and I start to see elephants, think of elephants and my mind cannot understand why. Two weeks later I read the lecture from Steiner <Pachyderms.

Nature of shell/ carapace and skeletal development (GA 352)> which is the blackboard in the exhibition of the skeleton

and I realize how little I know, how ahead of me my intuition is, half of this lecture is about elephants.

And of course, I am challenged to learn more, to grow spiritually through this process.

And this is directly related to the question of the research I did about the skeleton and the bones.


In my process, it is important to me to trust in the images that become alive in me and to bring them into a material substance that suits them, whether it is video, sculpture or drawing, without interpreting them.

After these imaginations have incarnated in the material I start to investigate further.

In Steiner's lecture, he speaks about men knowing himself because of the solid skeletal support,

that he makes space in himself for the spirit through his bones.


I believe my video works reflect this,

the skeleton representing the earth within the human being, supporting the consciousness of man. 

Symbolizing the seat of the spirit.

Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir/ÚaVon

In an interview about her works


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