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LOTS OF TINY PEOPLE | Art Exhibition  

September 19th, 2019 - January 5th, 2020

Gerðarsafn - Kópavogur Art Museum


Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 20.00.36.png

The exhibition project “Lots of tiny people” explores the question of spirituality in arts. The theme is investigated through the media of visual arts, graphic design, photography, sound, performative events, lectures, workshops, and talks. It involves international artists, experts, and institutions.

The key initiatives of this exhibition are two Icelandic artists Gudrún Vera Hjartardóttir and Sigrún Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir (ÚaVon) working with the question of how their spiritual interest connects with their process and work as artists. Which seems to be natural as art has always been a venue to investigate the realm of the unknown, to access deeper meaning and the sublime.

Inspired by the idea that spiritual experiences can be expressed divergent not just through words or cultivated as a private matter, curiosity about how it engages with today's culture and society of the early 21st century, lead to a collaboration with Kópavogur Art Museum (Gerðarsafn) and the artworks of pioneer modernist sculptor Gerður Helgadóttir.

Over the duration of the exhibition, we will provide a wide-ranging program of performative interventions, lectures, workshops, talks, and guided tours to mediate further discussion, research, artistic development and to nurture and celebrate the diversity of contemporary art practice and art practice in the future.


Hilma af Klint (SE), Gerður Helgadóttir (IS), Rudolf Steiner (AT/CH), Guðrún Vera Hjartardóttir (IS), Sigrún Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir/ ÚaVon (IS), Elsa Dórótea Gísladóttir (IS), Dawn Nilo (CA/US/CH), Martje Brandsma (NL), Silvana Gabrielli (IT,CH), Sati Katerina Fitzova (UK), Philipp Tok (DE/CH), Julius Rothlaender (DE/IS), Zvi Szir (IL/CH), Walter Kugler (DE/CH), Johannes Nilo (SWE/CH), Edward de Boer (NL), Jón B. K. Ransu (IS), Jasper Bock (DE/IS)

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