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Melancholic Spine

Lots of tiny people | Fullt af litlu fólki


Gerðarsafn - Kópavogur art museum

Kópavogur, Iceland

Photos of the opening


The exhibition project Lots of tiny people explores the spiritual in arts. The title is derived from a blackboard drawing by Austrian anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, who used to draw images to support his spoken words, while lecturing on man´s nature and spirit.


The initiative for the exhibition is credited to artists Guðrún Vera Hjartardóttir and Sigrún Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir (ÚaVon) who have long wondered how to intergrade their spiritual practice and passion for anthroposophy with their art.


All contributors to the exhibition have in common a sincere interest in the realm of the unknown and seek inspirations from spiritualism, esoterism and/or anthroposophy to formalize their visual arts, graphic design, dance, music or even academic research. But in addition to the artworks on display the exhibition will include lectures, courses and discussions on the topic of art, man and spirit.



Hilma af Klint (SE), Gerður Helgadóttir (IS), Rudolf Steiner (AT/CH), Joseph Beuys (De), Guðrún Vera Hjartardóttir (IS), Sigrún Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir/ Úa Von (IS), Elsa Dórótea Gísladóttir (IS), Dawn Nilo (CA/US/CH), Martje Brandsma (NL), Silvana Gabrielli (IT,CH), Sati Katerina Fitzova (UK), Philipp Tok (DE/CH), Julius Rothlaender (DE/IS), Ruth Bellinkx (BE), Erla Þórarinsdóttir (IS), Palli Banine (IS), Walter Kugler (DE/CH), Johannes Nilo (SWE/CH), Edward de Boer (NL), Jón B. K. Ransu (IS), Jasper Bock (DE/IS).


The exhibition Lots of tiny people was sponsored by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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