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Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir / UaVon
Tel. 00354-868-0031 / e mail:





Extract of exhibitions and projects:



2018 “The circle is not just a circle. Group exhibition. GGGAtelier, Basel, Switzerland.


2017 “Whitewash Reykjavik. Solo exhibition. Ekkisens Art space. Reykjavik, Iceland.


2017 “Whitewash Basel”. Performance and art installation. Atelier5. Basel, Switzerland.


2016 “Every Contact Leaves its Trace”. Performance „Remember why“. Masters Exhibit at           Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland.


2015 „INTER-ESSE“. Group exhibition with Guðrun Vera Hjartardottir and Dawn Nilo. The           Kitchen,, Arlesheim, Switzerland.


2015 „Mörusmit / Touch of mara“. Gallerý SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland.


2014 „ROOT“. Dance performance, Kingdom of Fools, Basel, Switzerland.


2014 „Cosmonaut“. Solo Performance. Kingdom of Fools, Basel, Switzerland.


2014 „RITALIN“ Gallerí EkkiSens, Reykjavik, Iceland.


2014 „Moving pictures“. The kitchen,,

     Basel, Switzerland.


2014 „Auginningar / Pupotions“. Reykjavik Art museum, Crad. exhibit.


2013 „The Speed of the subconscious.“ Solo Exhibition in Gallery Kaffistofan, Reykjavik.


2013 „Odur til Modur.“ Collaboration with artist Gudrun Vera Hjartardottir, Undir berum         himni, Laufasvegur, Reykjavik.


2012 Utgerðin, Three performances and a video installation at a student art exhibition in       Utgerðin, Grandi, Reykjavik.


2011 “Performance fantastic in Kubb”. Performance “Eyes shut” at The Iceland Academy of         the Arts.


2011 “Reykjavik international Dance festival”, “Inversus” Dance Performance and video           installations with artist Snorri Asmundsson. Theater Bio Paradis, Reykjavik.


2011 “Homies where my heart is”. Performance “Consumed” and sound installation at student       art exhibition in an abandoned house in the city of Reykjavik.


2011 “Opening” of Cromatico. Installation by Lucas Kuhne. A collaborated performance and         sound installation. “I hear you breathing” located at Laulauväljak – Song Festival         grounds in Tallin, Estonia.


2011 “The goddess Community of Iceland”. Performance and sound installation “Lilith” at         Gallery Crymo, Reykjavik.


2011 “Portal”. Performance and installation at Gallery Kaffistofan, Reykjavik.


2011 “Warmth”. Art installation at Gallery Kaffistofan, Reykjavik.


2010 “Gloryhole and a picture of a ship”. Performance and installation “Box-ed” at Gallery       Crymo, Reykjavik.


2010 Performance and installation “Box-ing” at Iceland Academy of the Arts.


2010 Video and sound installation “Lair/Layers” at Gallery Hugmyndahus, Reykjavik.


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